Gain Peace of Mind with Prompt Results

Anytime there is a possible fracture or other abnormality in your body, come to Middle Village Radiology for the high-quality images that help your doctor diagnose your ailment. Our clinic is a mammography and x-ray provider offering same-day results for you and your healthcare professional. In addition to regular imaging services, we offer high-contrast MRI and CT scans.

Prompt X-Rays

The pain of a broken bone is enough without having to worry about waiting in a busy hospital clinic for an x-ray. Utilize our complimentary pick-up and drop-off service and wait in our private clinic to ease the stress of your injury. We also offer fluoroscopy x-rays in our clinic. A barium mixture is consumed prior to the x-ray, which highlights abnormalities in your bones, allowing your doctor to see more precisely where your injury is located.


If you experience organ functionality difficulties following an illness or injury, an ultrasound without the use of ionizing radiation, provides your doctor with a detailed picture of any internal damage. With color Doppler imaging, it is possible to diagnose various conditions and find the causes of symptoms like pain, swelling, or infection.

Schedule Regular Mammograms

Remain vigilant when it comes to your yearly mammography. It is recommended that women age 40 or above schedule a yearly mammography even if there have been no abnormalities detected. If abnormalities are detected, it is necessary to have a mammography appointment every six months.

Bone Densitometry

Know if you're at risk for bone fracture with a bone densitometry (DEXA) test. A brief scan determines your bone density, which aids your doctor in determining if you have conditions like osteopenia or osteoporosis, conditions which increase your risk for bone fractures.